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Our continuous brew tanks in the heated closet. We keep our brew at 30c which is an ideal temperature for the developing KB Kombucha.
We use glass and stainless steel so as to  not contaminate the kombucha with plastic. 


KB Kombucha flip top bottles filled with green tea, herbs, fruit and spices in the fermentation closet at 26c. We also add a bit of sugar for the yeast to mature and develop. The yeast, sugar and fruits and spices give our KB Kombucha a delightful taste and sparkling effervescence.


Bottles after the climate controlled closet resting for 5 to 10 days before we offer for sale.
These bottles are our special KB Kombucha with various hops and flavors. We use a special yeast that is designed for bottle or cask fermentation. These bottles will develop for 2 to 3 weeks. The flavors are a unique surprise, especially for our clients that enjoy a micro brew.  All our bottles are returnable.


Ilak, one of our assistants, holding an orchid flower, 
Laelia superbiens, 
that will be added to the KB Kombucha for one of our seasonal flavors. So good and colorful too.
All orchids are from Cisco's private rescued collection of Chiapas plants.

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Assistant modeling KB Kombucha sweatshirt

Assistant modeling KB Kombucha sweatshirt

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