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and Shops
selling KB KOMBUCHA.

KB Kombucha is expanding it's reach to sell our delicious  and unique products throughout San Cristobal, Chiapas. These are our current  locales where we are selling KB products.


La Espirituosa is a friendly locale selling excellent products,

from superb food items to satisfy the most decerning palette, to an excellent selection of local and Mexican micro brews,

to home made refrescos and their POX, Poxna

is the best in San Cristobal.

A great place to relax and connect to the international 

spirit of San Cristobal. 

Be sure to try the amazing flavors of KB KOMBUCHA. 

El Naufragio is the best locale for having a glass of stellar micro

brew in San Cristobal,  as well as knock out pizzas and other

delicious items to eat. Music is a great event here as

the music is varied and constantly changing.

The crowd is eclectic and friendly. 

A must for visitors and locals alike to spend an early evening

before going to other clubs or to stay until the

wee hours of the morning.

End your night with a delicious KB KOMBUCHA.


KUKCULPAN is a must visit in San Cristobal, from it's

excellent coffee and delicious food and deserts, it's an

ideal locale to sit outside in the fresh air of the mountainous

San Cristobal and watch the ever changing sky

and those walking by.

They also serve KB KOMBUCA which offers seasonal

and daily flavors that are certain to keep you watching

and enjoying the amazing Gente de Chiapas

Casa del Pan has been selling and sharing their

positive energy to Coletos and tourists since 1993.

Their produce, bread, drinks and food are some of the best

in San Cristobal. Always willing to help with advise,

music and good items to eat one can

count on Casa del Pan to deliver.

Casa del Pan now carries our excellent KB KOMBUCHA 

as well as our fun, healthy and tasty KB KOMBUCHA 

FruitRollups. Try em and you'll come back for more.


Frontera is an institution in San Cristobal, one goes there
knowing that 
the coffee will be the best and their
menu is filled with excellent 
items from breakfast to dinner.
One may dine inside or outside under the awnings of
the colonial building or under sprawling umbrellas.
Be sure to try their exclusive CAFE flavored KB KOMBUCHA,


CRUZ VERDE is the go to locale when one is not feeling 100%.
Their extensive selection of healthful products will be sure to
help one feel once again 100%. There is an on site medical advisor
and the support staff be there to assist in making
the appropriate selection.
They also offer our healthful KB KOMBUCHA to help heal
and maintain your beneficial intestinal flora. 


Black Dragon Coffee Center is that and more. If you want a quick
cupa java or a leisurely meditation over your brew, this is the locale to accomplish those desires. IF you want to buy a kilo 
or more of their excellent selections or your have 500 kilos
of green beans you want roasted to your specifications,
you cannot go wrong at Black Dragon.
You'll also find our Coffee and other flavored KB KOMBUCHA 
to satisfy your urges.


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